Mobile APP Ecommerce

Simple & Quick Onboarding Mobile APP Ecommerce!

Customers can buy direct from you seamlessly. Keep your customers updated with built-in push notifications. Online transactions reduces human errors.

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Artificial intelligence Chatbot

BOOKMEBOB is an AI digital assistant trained by hoteliers for hoteliers. Bob understands your website visitor’s queries and instantly delivers the right answer, helping them check availability, rates and book a room. It means more bookings from your website! 

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Ecommerce websites development

We help business owners embark on a journey to shift their traditionally offline businesses, with an Online Store, using our Plug and Play Ecommerce Solution. Shifting an offline business online will help them leverage and grow a wider customer base and they’re no longer confined to the proximity of their physical store. Consumers’ shopping habit has shifted and, clearly, they are turning to online commerce, social commerce & mobile commerce for their daily needs. This is a habit, no longer a trend. Start shifting online now!

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Direct Booking Website AI CHatbot

Direct booking solution designed for accommodation owners enabling them to engage guests with direct sale. Put forth an alternative solution for owners to drive direct businesses bringing balance to mainstream online distribution channels.

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Digital Marketing

Identifying and asking the right questions to understand who are your target audience in the Chinese market. Our consumer research process ensures that your digital strategy is connecting with the right audience. Ensuring that your online presence communicates your brands’ values, beliefs and purpose with the right tone and voice. Through a variety of channels your brands can engage with a broad chinese audiences via Wechat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Tik Tok (Douyin) and many more. Read more…

Corporate Websites Developmet

Every businesses needs a website. Why? Simple because your customers expect it. If this were the only reason then it would be enough. Think about it. Would you trust a business that didn’t have a website? 

BAM is here to help! We help businesses build their online identity! We develop responsive & SEO optimized websites,.

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