Boomarama Media aka BAM is a Singapore startup.
We specialised in website products and services.
We design and develop corporate websites.
Ecommerce website and Mobile APP Ecommerce Solution is one key area.
Every business needs a website.
Why? Simple because your customers expect it.
If this were the only reason then it would be enough. Think about it.
Would you trust a business that didn’t have a website? 
Grow a wider customer base with an online store.
Customers are no longer confined to the proximity of your physical store.
Consumers’ habit has shifted and they are going online.
This is a habit, no longer a trend. Start shifting online now!
Mobile Commerce is integral for all online business today.
We integrate and convert your WooCommerce store into a mobile APP.
Simple & quick onboarding
Book Me Bob, the up-and-coming premier digital assistant
trained by hoteliers for hoteliers. Bob assist with
visitor’s queries and instantly delivers the right
answer, helping them check availability, rates and book a room.
It means more bookings from your website! Convert
seamless conversations with your customers into direct bookings.